Brent Hatley’s Wife Katelyn Shares Stories of Swinging With a Cop and a Porn Star whilst the Staffer Was Out of Town

Brent Hatley’s Wife Katelyn Shares Stories of Swinging With a Cop and a Porn Star whilst the Staffer Was Out of Town

“Like, I couldn’t even stop it. I wanted it to get longer,” Brent’s better half recalls

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After months of buildup, Brent Hatley and their wife Katelyn finally shared their cross-country moving stories on Tuesday early morning’s Stern Show. While the staffer’s L.A. encounters raised as much concerns while they did answers, Katelyn offered detail by detail records of bedding two men that are different her spouse ended up being out of city.

The couple had carefully chosen the perfect suitor for Katelyn before Brent left city, but apparently that guy backed away at ab muscles final minute. Desperate to locate a replacement, she proceeded a swingers internet site and discovered a police that is off-duty significantly more than happy to show her what he could do with his nightstick. Brent’s colleagues asked him if he had been upset Katelyn met up having a guy that is different.

“Plans change,” he said on undaunted tuesday.

Katelyn didn’t work out her straight to stay silent after her encounter aided by the cop. In fact, she spilled all of the details to Stern Show staffer Chris Wilding, revealing she met up using the officer for drinks and s n after t k him house for intercourse. “We start making out and kissing. I just wandered into the bed r m and began taking my top off,” she explained. “So, he like pushes me in the sleep and lifts up my feet and simply starts consuming my pussy.”

The stopping and frisking didn’t end there. Katelyn stated she performed sex that is oral the man and could have brought him to climax this way, but rather she wanted him inside her. Therefore, the two proceeded to have “super intense” sex in several roles, leading to Katelyn enjoying herself more than she had anticipated.

“It’s unusual on top that i’m going to like orgasm with a guy on top, but with this guy I did orgasm with him. Like, I couldn’t even stop it. I needed it to get longer,” she told Chris.

Brent and Katelyn’s moving philosophy calls for breaking up the physical through the emotional, but things between her while the cop got unexpectedly intimate as s n as the two shared some post-coital time naked and talking during intercourse. She stated they didn’t cuddle, but he did caress and stroke her leg.

“It’s kind of weird like it’s something that Brent might do … it didn’t feel terrible,” Katelyn told Chris because I feel.

The cop evidently didn’t have qualms about sleeping having a woman in her husband’s bed. He apparently even examined some images of Brent and Katelyn on the ice box.

Howard wondered if Brent was bugged by the prospect of her wife bedding other males while he could be away from town. “No,” Brent stated. “It’s very nearly form of cruel to let these guys take action only one time because she’s amazing.”

Katelyn’s Brent-less swinging escapades proceeded simply three days later on when she met up with a guy who drove all the way from Atlantic City, N.J., just to have intercourse with her. Hours before their meeting, nonetheless, he hit her having a big revelation he was actually a porn star named the Jackhammer.

“No kidding around, it is the absolute most porn that is perfect because he’s like a jackhammer. it is as being a durr-durr-durr-durr-durr-durr,” Katelyn explained. She thought Jackhammer was hot, t . “He seems like he works out, like, four times a day—big, jacked, body builder kind guy,” she said.

When the studio passed around a photo regarding the porn celebrity, Howard’s co-host Robin Quivers emphatically agreed. “Oh my,” she said upon seeing his picture.

Ronnie Mund, meanwhile, couldn’t comprehend exactly how Brent could calmly listen to visual information on their wife sex that is having another guy. “Dude, I’m going to purchase you a fucking trophy or something, guy. How do you stay right here and tune in to this? I’d kill myself,” he said.

The Jackhammer ended up being additionally considerate enough to record an email simply for Brent. “Thank you, Brent. I had a time that is amazing sex along with your wife,” he said on the tape. “She had been a great lay, and I’m really appreciative.”

Katelyn enjoyed herself t . “It felt g d. It is perhaps not the way I would orgasm, but it felt that is really g d was screaming. I can’t even imagine just what our next-d r neighbors are planning,” she told Chris.

“They had been thinking her husband’s not home,” Robin suggested.

But Katelyn insisted her solo swinging experiences have actually enhanced her and Brent’s sex-life since their return. “I think we fucked 15 times,” she told Chris. “The intercourse with him on the weekend has been hands-down head blowing. It’s been literally the sex I’ve that is best ever endured in my fucking life.”

Katelyn also called to the show on to offer up more details tuesday. She told Howard she’s sore “in g d way” after her encounters utilizing the police officer, the porn star, and her spouse Brent. She also unveiled she’d be willing to try solo swinging once again in the future, though perhaps not for the next couple of years.

Through the staff to Stern Show audience to even celebrity superfan Michael Rapaport – everyone had feedback for Brent in regards to the continuing state of their relationship. But it had been Ronnie the Limo Driver who unveiled a fully fleshed-out concept about “the whole situation” with their co-worker.

“When we had been in L.A., Tuesday and Wednesday, Brent was like from the rails. There clearly was something happening in their head,” Ronnie began, explaining the staffer apparently used the restr m almost a dozen times within the period of an hour. “It had been very nearly with himself. like he didn’t know very well what to do”

Brent denied utilising the restr m so many times and insisted he was more comfortable with how he and their wife’s solo swinging unfolded. Ronnie had been skeptical, however. “She ended up being obtaining the time of her life and you weren’t,” Ronnie told him.

Brent begged to vary. “We both get switched on by each other making love with other people,” he stated later, including, “I realize why all of you think this, but we now have an alternative view of the world, we now have an alternate view of love and sex, and I also believe that’s okay.”