Through the semester I found so many tasks that caught my attention as “extra special”

Through the semester I found so many tasks that caught my attention as “extra special”

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Urban Agriculture in Stockholm, Sweden.

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Projects from here to there!

I made the decision that i ought to develop a presentation making sure that others could understand the fascinations of metropolitan farming doing his thing!

I quickly noticed that there have been actually incredible examples of urban farming projects in other countries, that either inspired or complimented a lot of in Stockholm. And folks should be aware of about these t !

THEREFORE I chose to make a presentation with projects both from Stockholm and around the globe. When I dug deeper into these tasks we noticed thing; Pattern such as “transportation” “retail” “vertical farming” these projects might be classified and distinguished by the primary activities.

I additionally discovered that my perfect tasks, had weaknesses t ! They’d positives and negatives. They had areas where they might improve, yet others that have been thriving. SO

The ensuing presentation is a personal “Report” on a few of the metropolitan agriculture jobs in Stockholm aswell as “inspiration” projects from other locations, and personal ideas for just how these task might make small modifications to b st!

Where In The Planet Is Urban Agriculture?

Within the crowded roads, the sky scrapping buildings, line of cars, people hurrying, and orderly chaos of this city, urban agriculture can be a little difficult to find! In Stockholm jobs are popping up throughout the city, nevertheless handful of them “advertise” their existence. Relying on person to person, or curious people passing by, these jobs may possibly not be influencing the wider community.

When I talked with Stockholmers, explaining my research, a typical response had been “I’d like to take part in a task, I just dont know…how/when/where.” So I decided that one thing needs to be done!

Green mapping is now popular worldwide. Communities may use mapping for just about any type of reason including metropolitan farming!

So I teamed up along with other farmers that are urban helped to produce and introduce Stadsodling Stockholm!

Stadsodling Stockholm’s goal that is main to market metropolitan agriculture utilizing the town by uniting individuals, both experienced and novice with common interests. The website hopes to allow individuals to share not just urban agriculture to their experience in Stockholm, but also their knowledge about city cultivation.

As well as Stadsodling, I needed to make a map that will bring worldwide attention to Stockholm’s urban farming tasks. So another mapping was chosen by me platform. Green Maps

Established in 1995 being an organization to market local mapping Threesome dating and “connect people with green living, nature, social, and cultural resources”. After 400 maps, the organization decided that an online database of all the collected information would be the best action forward. In 2009 Open Green Maps (OGM) was launched. OGM allows people to record their mapping information online, while providing users a platform that is easy search for “Green Things”. Over 120 OGM have already been made out of over 10,000 sites that are green the world. There are countless advantageous assets to online mapping.

The map was incredibly popular throughout the city in 2007 a green map had been made for Stockholm, With hundreds of green locations, businesses, activities and information. We utilized Open Green Maps, to generate a metropolitan agriculture definite map and to continue the theme, called it Stadsodling Stockholm Green Map

These two maps act like wikipedia for the reason that they enable you to include information. This is very important because it will help to keep consitently the maps going, keep the information present, and can include a lot more information than I alone have.

Section of my project that is final for course, these mapping tasks display a lot of my goals for the semester; a broad and certain familiarity with metropolitan agriculture in Stockholm having a role to promote its!