All of the crazy antics, love, lore of Velocity Kentucky, Come visit us sometimes, remember you can find erotic or scenes that are explict.

All of the crazy antics, love, lore of Velocity Kentucky, Come visit us sometimes, remember you can find erotic or scenes that are explict.

Visiting Velocity

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I have started composing again and I would also like to make clear on things We have actually written, like things on Lit. Particularly with my plans that are far too late to improve if i needed to- which leaves me personally not to give a fuck about reputation. Just What have always been I speaing frankly about, A user on Lit ended up being saying for a thread about pen names how he runs on the various pen title for his erotica, than other non-erotic work of their, regarding the notion that writing erotica might not bode well for their other ventures or attempts. I seriously considered this, but developing a brand name with this specific name plus the fact that it really is already attached to erotica via Lit, it’s too late to change it. If anything I compose yields some success, until you understand where to look, readers probably won’t find out I write both, other than coming right here. Maybe it could break walls, because people(publishers) really should not be judging on what writers compose outside of what they are composing for them anyhow. No fucks offered here. It’s likely that any erotica I would want to publish probably won’t be under Jax Rhapsody. Nevertheless the stuff we have actually written and can compose on Lit demonstrably will be.

That all said; I will be compiling all stories that are lazzoverse the websites there is them on. Perhaps the few erotica ones because have you thought to? Like Tom the fishman stated; “always just take pride in the vessels you build, nomatter what they’re employed for.” Or something that way, but with writing. I have a pen title for the poetry We’m gathering, therefore I can certainly make one for just about any erotica that is real. Biut just what I have under this name, can not and won’t be undone. Although I think whatever people on Lit are linked to this title will probably be the sole and last ones. Yeah sure I’ll remain composing under this name but whenever my readers do learn, at the very least they will not have the ability to link the “PeRvErSiOnS” for their city that is favorite, KY. It will all work out when I figure it away.

Also I want to announce that i’ve a Wattpad account, and so I now have a place to create non-erotica and non fanfiction(i am on FFNET & AO3). My flagship stories that i do want to publish, the short browse internet versions might wind up on the website if I’m able to have more tales up and get monetized on there. along with little stories that are lazzoverse shagle opinii other things. Which kinda fits in to what I was just saying; the major reason we ended up being writing on Lit was it had been the only(and first place) I found to write, no strings attatched. We attempted, nevertheless they only gave you ten free slots, that we utilized to publish previews of my flagships; Rayne Falls, Gifted, etc. I know despite the kinda views it was getting almost ten years ago once I ended up being active on it, Laviathans Cave wasn’t a good place to publish. Which explains why just Zerophilia is on it. I’ve Wattpad now and thus far it is pretty good. Just two tales on the website so far, however. One is that one shot I had forgotten that I penned. The other ended up being written and published yesterday for a competition, and it is a 500 term brief story(They desired -500) that is simply Rayne Fallez’s back story. You’ll be finding sooner or later more Lazzoverse stuff here, I would even pull down some material we quit on. I thought about actual tales with this weblog, but which may alter with my Wattpad account, with only strange shit right here, just like a scene or stuff that is experimental. But yep, I Am on Wattpad.

Where Have I Been?

We started this website a couple of years ago, to display my tales I’d been composing, that take place in the exact same world. Some I do want to publish, other people are liberated to read, some are both. Some will have the fundamental, whatever variation and a actual rewrote complete novel length to be posted.

If you have read my stuff on Literotica; you will see some work that is unfinshed. For some years I had a little bit of article writers block and wasn’t into the state that is mental compose. I was too depressed with my living situation and other life facets. My “taking cyberspace by storm, with my writing plan” did perhaps not fair well. Lmao. The other problem is my composing laptop. It fundamentally needs to be connected up on a regular basis as it needs a new battery pack. Years back once I started using it, it had been my laptop that is first and group of buddies I had, whenever we would spend time at my girlfriends house, we viewed material on it. I got an additional laptop computer and frequently left any particular one over here, it and the charger jack got worn out so they could use. Somethings up with the keyboard, too. I do believe it is dirty, all the keys need to be finger punched.