Helpful tips to Ghana etiquette, traditions, clothes and much more

Helpful tips to Ghana etiquette, traditions, clothes and much more

Thank you for visiting our guide that is helpful for. For anyone who is trying to travel, live, relocate or conduct business in Ghana, we are going to provide you with a helpful head begin on comprehending the nation and its particular countries.

Information & data

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Ghana, formally the Republic of Ghana, is bordered because of the Ivory Coast into the western, Burkina Faso within the north, Togo within the eastern therefore the Gulf of Guinea in addition to Atlantic Ocean into the south.

The main city: Accra Main Cities: Accra, Kumasi, Tamale, Takoradi Population: 25.9 million Size: 238,535 sq kilometer (92,098.9 sq kilometers) significant Religion: Christianity Main Language: English Climate: Tropical Life Expectancy: 77 years (males), 84 years (females) Dialling Code: +233 Emergency Numbers: 191 (authorities) 192/999 (Fire) 193 (Ambulance)

The Money

Currency: Ghanaian Cedi Symbols: GH?, GH? ISO 4217 Code: GHS Central Bank: Bank of Ghana Currency Sub-Units: Pesewa = 1/100 of a Cedi Denominations: GH?1, 5, 10, 20, 50 Coins: 1, 5, 10, 20, 50Gp. GH?1

Neighborhood tradition

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Guan people can certainly still be located in a couple of places that are isolated. But today, Ghanaians are divided in to four primary groups that are regional

  • Mole-Dagbani, for the Northern Area
  • Ewe, east of Lake Volta
  • Ga-Adangbe, for the East
  • Akan (including the Anyi, Asante/Ashanti, Baule, Fante and Guang), whom reside over the centre and south of Ghana and comprise over fifty percent the people.

Including the state language, that is English, these eros escort Clearwater teams talk over 40 languages and 70 dialects that are different. The Akan languages of Twi, Ashanti and Fante will be the most frequent.


Ghanaian dress that is national kente fabric, is a supply of typical identification and pride. It really is handwoven into intricate habits from brilliantly silk that is coloured. Guys drape it around their health and ladies put it on as being a two-piece outfit.

Languages in Ghana

Ghana is really a country that is multilingual which about eighty languages are talked. Among these, English, that has been inherited through the colonial period, could be the language that is official.

You can find nine federal federal government sponsored languages sustained by the Bureau of Ghana languages that has been created in 1951. They are Akan, Ewe, Dagbani, Dangme, Dagaare, Ga, Nzemaa, Kasem and Gonja.

Etiquette & traditions

You must always greet folks from straight to left, and constantly along with your right hand. Your palms should be properly aligned always for greeting individuals whenever going right-to-left. Constantly follow this order, no matter what the age, sex or status regarding the social individuals you may be greeting. Always utilize your right hand to provide and get things, also to consume. In Ghanaian culture, your hand that is left is your toilet hand. It really is a typical training to provide profit shops along with your right hand while on top of that getting your purchase in to the hand that is same. Throughout Ghana whenever visiting villages and towns it is customary for people to spend their respects towards the neighborhood Chief if they see. The principle is elected to the place often by a council of elders, nevertheless the elders do have the charged power to overrule a chiefs choice if he acts inappropriately. Make sure that you aren’t wasteful in every real method throughout your amount of time in Ghana. Every thing that is little Africa has value. You shall realize that the trash bins in houses and accommodations are small, as very little is considered waste. Its appreciated if you provide something that doesn’t have value to you personally, to your individual, anywhere.


The constitution in Ghana offers up the freedom of faith, and tolerance that is religious the united states is reasonably high, permitting individuals to exercise whatever faith tradition they really want. Christianity may be the religion that is largest in Ghana with about 72% associated with populace being people in various Christian denominations as per the 2010 census. The most important Christian parties of Christmas time and Easter are recognised as nationwide vacations in Ghana. Furthermore, almost 18percent per cent of Ghanaian residents practice some form of Islam. Ramadan, the Islamic thirty days of fasting, is seen by Muslims in Ghana and essential conventional occasions are celebrated.

Company meeting advice (if conducting business in Ghana)

First Conferences

Greet by having a right handed handshake. In Ghana, the direct, lets get to business approach is regarded as rude. Constantly change pleasantries and check into household before you begin to transact any company; this is valued. You should just make reference to your peers utilizing very first names after being invited to do this. While the elderly generally choose to be addressed formally, you shall realize that the more youthful generations talk with the other person more casually.

Initial business conferences in Ghana are about company associates getting to understand each another and working down whether a future business model probably will work with a individual degree. Therefore you need to expect you’ll invest a good period of time on relationship and rapport building and you ought tont be astonished if no real company issues are talked about for the reason that very first conference.

Business Conferences

Dress as you would for the continuing company conference in britain. Timekeeping in Ghana is much more flexible than it really is in Western communities and punctuality just isn’t extremely crucial. Therefore you shouldn’t expect your meeting to begin on some time that you leave enough time to allow your first meeting to overrun, as its typical for a meeting to start late and over run if you have more than one meeting planned in a day, ensure. Ghanaians don’t like to express no, or even to offer bad news and because of this, proverbs and analogies tend to be utilized therefore the message is conveyed in ways which appears less blatant or direct. Silence can also be perhaps maybe not uncommon. If some one just isn’t more comfortable with a concern or should they think their reaction won’t be liked or valued, they will certainly state absolutely nothing in place of making your partner feel uncomfortable. Business cards are exchanged at conferences with out a formal ritual. Present and business that is receive utilizing the right hand, never the left.


Address Ghanaians by their scholastic, professional, or honorific name and their surname by their first name only until you are invited to address them.

Ghanaian names comprise of a few provided names and surnames in line with the language of cultural teams in Ghana. Young ones receive a day name which corresponds into the time for the week these were created. The afternoon names have meanings that are further the soul and character of the person. Center names have actually somewhat more variety and certainly will relate to their delivery order, double status, or an ancestors name that is middle. These names are utilized among Ghanaians residing abroad and among Africans located in the diaspora who want to recognize along with their ancestral homeland.