Presently, there isn’t any approach to viewing a list of fulfilling attendees following a meeting is finished

Presently, there isn’t any approach to viewing a list of fulfilling attendees following a meeting is finished

Meeting organizers should certainly see or export a listing of attendees, including enter and exit times, duration, etc.

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Thank you for the continued feedback! We’re along the way of rolling concerning the ability to download the Attendance Report following the conference has ended. This particular feature would be rolling away over the coming weeks, and we will upgrade here when completed.

Thank you for your continued feedback. We are in the process of testing the downloading for the attendance report following the conference has determined. For status updates, please view the roadmap item here.

Download regarding the meeting attendance list within a conference is released for basic accessibility. Take note this feature is switched off by standard, and has to be enabled via admin policy. For more information, please go to our help page at https // /article/download-attendance-reports-in-teams-ae7cf170-530c-47d3-84c1-3aedac74d310.

Many thanks for the feedback and l king forward to this feature with patience. We’ve enabled download of the meeting attendance list throughout a conference. This will be released for basic access. Please be aware this function is turned off by default, and has to be enabled via admin policy.

Note We are continuing to function on enabling down load after having a meeting has determined, also. For status updates, check always the roadmap item out

Thank you for the feedback and waiting for this feature with persistence. We’ve enabled the shortterm fix to allow down load of a meeting attendance list during a meeting ( from the roster view). This really is released for general accessibility.

Our company is continuing to work well with high priority on allowing down load after having a conference has concluded as well, and will keep you posted. Many Thanks!

Many thanks for the feedback – we hear you with regards to the need, especially in the scholarly education space. The team is enabling download of a meeting attendance list during a meeting or class as an option in the shortterm. From then on launch, we shall continue steadily to utilize high priority on allowing download following a meeting has concluded.

We’re currently testing, and certainly will help keep you posted on release.

We’re taking care of this particular feature, and will upgrade once again even as we get better to releasing.

The group is working on the program because of this feature. No times to share with you at this time, but we’ll keep you posted.

Your “Great News” isn’t so great. Yes, the ability to view/download the attendee list has been rolled away. The news that is bad I can not turn it down once I don’t care . Therefore, every day the chat for the meeting gets this huge “Attendance Report – Follow this link to down load attendance report” with a huge arrow. This wonderful brand new function should be available via fulfilling Details, maybe not consuming massive real estate in the talk.

Through the meeting, select Show participants icon. Click … (more options) next to the “Participants” and select Download attendee list.

Hope it will help.

the attendance list must show the name associated with channel where the conference had been generated

I realized that recurrent conference reports now track each meeting’s attendees and their functions, their join and leave times, and append the conference title to your installed file with a lot more information in the report. Also, requesting a report when seems to immediately create one at the end of subsequent instances of that meeting. So some body is reading these reviews.

It seems that after the meeting, the attendance report just isn’t offered to recurrent conferences. Will this be accessible in a later launch?

I have already been l king at the function as currently implemented and it’s not that useful. To begin with, welcoming somebody is logged as their having joined the meeting if they decline the invitation, that is logged as their having kept, neither of which actually t k place. Plus it can’t be way t hard to mention the file that is downloaded something more descriptive that “meetingAttendanceList.” Meeting title, organizer title, date, some thing would assist.

This feature needs to be expanded allowing DELEGATES associated with the meeting organizer to access this report also. Professionals would not have time for you ahead a report for their assistants or c rdinators that are administrative.

Many Thanks for releasing this functionality! We notice though that the attendance report for a recurring meeting is showing only those who went to in the first instance for the recurring meeting. Will there be more work being done on attendance reports for recurring conferences?

Anyone must confirm permission to the meeting, but real existence is another metric.

Please make this feature available for recurring conferences aswell. I simply downloaded the attendance list from yesterday’s recurring conference and date shown is 2/4/2021.

Hello Alex, can it affect those groups meetings currently ended before this particular feature rolling down.

Hello alex, within the system I have set up, our sch l and parent information system is analyzing that they do not participate in the meeting, but the list is downloaded empty, update suggestions for more detailed analysis as I have shown in the supplementary report, but for now my teachers continue the meeting attendance report before the meeting ends, this group is notified.

If breakout spaces are employed, the right time of which they’ve been activated is reduced due to the fact time when individuals left the meeting.